Octopussys unite.
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Made by: micondena

Octopussys is an awesome rating community filled with all different kinds of people.
We are trying to start something new with the points system.
Meaning, if you get accepted and earn a bunch of points we will
actually mail you something amazing, that you choose from our store.
So join now!
You know you want cool free stuff.




1) There is no age limit to apply.
2) Do NOT post anything other than your application
in the community unless you are accepted.
If you do you will seriously regret it. I hate that shit.
3) If you apply, you are asking for our opinion,
even if they may be harsh. So deal with it or don't apply. It's that simple.
4) You will be stamped within 3-4 days.
5) You must reply to "sway me" votes,
and if you don't before you are stamped they will automatically count as a no.


1) Please, please, please us a lj-cut when posting pictures
or anything longer then a paragraph.
2) Make all entries friends only.
3) Stay active. Come on, you get amazing things if you earn enough points.
4) No promoting! Unless you buy it (see store).
5) Don't start unnecessary shit with us,
we will eat your soul.

*Member's page.*

Our MOTM for February is: politefight.

Ways to earn points:
1) 5 for each picture, 10 for each text post, 20 for every video.
2) 10 for every picture relating to the theme.
3) 25 for every promotion, 30 for every banner you make.
4) 30-50 for winning a contest/challenge.
5) Doing surveys or scavenger hunts (points are written above each).
6) 100 for winning member of the month.

*Member points.*

How to spend points:
You can actually trade your points in for real items we have in our store.
You can buy as many items at one time as you would like.
(Don't worry we will NOT show anyone else your address, it will be completely private).

Want to buy something?
Just fill this out and post it. We will send your items out as soon as possible.

*Points market.*

The theme for the month of February is (10 points for every picture):
Take pictures of yourself at work.

Drawing theme for the month of February is (30 points):
Draw a picture of your favorite animal.

Coloring book (20 points each):
Color any of these picture however you want, you can even be creative and add things to it.
Cat and owl in a boat.

Movie guess (30 points):
Pick 10 movies you enjoy and post a picture from each one. Have people guess the movie and when somebody guesses right, put their name and the title under or above the picture!

Song quotes (25 points):
Pick 10 songs you enjoy and post a quote from each one. Have people guess the song and artist and when somebody guesses right, put their name and the answer under or above the picture!

Confess something (20 points):
Tell us a confession, funny, sad, nice, mean. Anything.

Desktop background (20 points):
Post a screen shot (or picture) of your desktop background, just for fun.
Tell us a little bit about why this is your background.

What's in your bag (30 points):
Take pictures of all the things in your bag/purse and talk about them a little.

A day in your shoes (80 points):
Take pictures of what you do through out the day, so we can see what it's like being you.

Challenge a member (50 points if you win):
Post 5 pictures of the member you are challenging out and 5 pictures of yourself.
When voting put the user name of the person you are voting for.

Zoomed in picture (30 points for the first person to guess correctly):

We have zoomed in on a picture.
Can you guess what it is?
We will have a new picture up every week, or when someone guesses it correctly.

Banners can be found here.

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